The Story

I'm Leandie

the Skoondogter (daughter – in – law) and founder of SKOONMA (mother – in – law).

I have always been obsessed with having a style true to who I am. I hated it when my Mom tried to make me wear things I did not like. Growing up my late mother used to make clothes for us to wear every day (that I obviously found to be horrendous at the time) but looking back now wish I appreciated it more. She was so talented and precise with her work. Luckily, she left me with a treasure of old vintage patterns and all her machinery still intact.

As I matured and grew more into my true identity I fell in love with vintage and retro street style. I started shopping at thrift stores and realised how beautiful a touch of vintage mixed with modern items can look. One day my wedding dress designer Kobus Rautenbach told me that I should really think about starting my own line as I always have my own little ideas and ways with clothing. He planted a seed and it took 2 years for me to start watering that seed after a conversation with a special friend and colleague Walton Krüger whose company (Amiici) now runs my online store. I wanted to create clothing that I wanted to wear but could not find anywhere else in SA.

When I decided to do this the only person that could help me at the time was my amazing mother-in-law Marie Bosch (my skoonma), hence the name. My husband actually came up with the name, but I especially liked the story behind it and the connotation it had with my Mom – so that I could pay tribute to my late mother (that is where the ‘Ma’ in SKOONMA becomes special and relevant). So, I went to my mother-in-law’s house in Potchefstroom January 2017 for a month and we started working on the first 2 collections.

My mother-in-law still makes some garments for us but we now have this amazing team in Randburg led by Lizette Uys who bring my ideas into life like only they can. My vision with SKOONMA has always been to create jobs and to empower talented seamsters and seamstresses that do not have a voice or proper platform to showcase their expertise and skills. Also, to inspire women to dress in a way that showcases who they are in their beautiful and unique way.

For now, our items are very exclusive as we only make a few of each garment to lessen the probability of you walking into someone else with the same garment as you. We are definitely working towards expanding the number of different items and styles we offer to bring you more variety. We also offer accessories like leather moon bags – and belts as well as handbags, DU RANDT BOSCH 2017 GRATEFUL red wine, I AM BLESSED Daily Planners and then recently added our range SKOONSUSSIE (sister – in – law) ‘for the little lady’ age 3 months to 5 years. Thank you for reading our story and for going on this journey and adventure with us and THANK YOU for supporting local.

Blessings Leandie, die Skoondogter.



"I got my first package today, early and no fuss.
I am so happy. Will definitely order again. Thank you!"
Anye Lawrence
"My new favourite online shoppie! The quality is amazing and the styles are exactly my style."
Giselle Groenewald
"Elke kleding stukkie is met soveel liefde gemaak.
Die dagboeke is ook prakties en mooi saamgestel
om mens te help om op die positiewe te fokus. 
MAL oor my moonbag! Beste kopie in ‘n lang tyd!
Ek hou van hoe persoonlik julle elke inkopie maak.
Die diens is ook baie vinnig!"
Vicky Hayward
"My dress came on time, it looks exactly like it did in the picture, the stitching is perfect and it is so comfortable! Will definitely use them again!"
Lizell Louw Wetlhagen
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