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Hi there and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

I wish you SO MANY BLESSINGS for this year!

I had an amazing time with my husband and brother and his family in Cape Town.

If you are anything like me you will feel a bit anxious this month about the year ahead as I aways want to control everything. But then I just realise again that I can’t control everything so I should stop wanting to!!

Feeling awkward and unsure of what is to come is only normal but can be overwhelming.

What I have learnt to do with these feelings is firstly, to BREATHE…and then to start taking it 2 hours at a time and also to sit down and make a to do list of what can and needs to be done by me ASAP to lessen the anxiety I am feeling, and then I continue with my gratitude journal where I write down 10 things that I can be grateful for every day.

I also made a Vision Board over December full of pictures of the things I want to attract into my life this year and saved it as my lock screensaver on my phone as that is the place I look the most during the day and so every time I touch my phone I see these images flash and thus give energy to it and visualise it and that process is what brings imagination into reality.

Here is a beautiful example of a Vision Board one of my friends made for herself.

Have fun with yours if you have not made one yet – I also explain the process in our I AM BLESSED 2019 Dagbeplanners if you bought one last year have a look there.

Thanks for tagging us in those photos as well!

Please remember to tag us when you post a photo in our garments and to tag us @skoonmaclothing #skoonmaclothing and @aramexsouthafrica and @hpf_skapie.

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Our December winner is Michaela Holtzhausen in her Sienna Polka she wore over Christmas.

We also had some great photos of you enjoying my limited edition DU RANDT BOSCH #Grateful2017 red wine THANK YOU!

Red wine also helps with the start – of – the – year ANXIETY, hahaha, and we still have some bottles available so please GO ORDER one, or 6 (you get 10% off then)

If you haven’t tried this amazing red blend by Hermanuspietersfontein yet, then JUMP BEFORE YOU ARE TOO LATE – it makes for a great GIFT… and vase apparently….. be creative!!!!

Then last but not least- have a look at these amazing photos by Kikitography taken over December of their daughters, Malkah and Mayah in our Skoonsussie jerseys and dresses available ONLINEand less 30% – for the little lady

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But now- ease into 2019 – I KNOW THE FEELING you are not alone!

Blessings Leandie, die Skoondogter

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