Hi Skoonma Ondersteuner

We noticed that there has been some queries about our sizing so I thought I would do something about it.

I have a personalised video message from me especially for you so please watch before reading on. 

So from 25th of January onwards, 2019 EVERY GARMENT will have its
OWN SIZE CHART below its description and photos with that specific garment’s measurements.

From then onwards you can (and it is advisable) double check the measurements of each garment before you order a certain size.

We will send the size chart for each garment in the newsletters to give you enough time to check and
measure the size you need and you’ll know what size to order before our launches.

From 25 January there will no longer be one universal size chart for all the garments.

We noticed that due to different fabrics used and the garments’ different designs (e.g loose fit or tight fit) the garments fit differently on different body types so you may be a different size with each design and that is totally possible as our body types and shapes all differ and that influences how the garment will fit on you.

The size chart for each garment will look like this:

As it clearly states; the measurements given in the table are the measurements of the particular garment.

This means that your own measurements need to be less or at most the same
as the size you select
 in order for you to fit into that particular size.

Rather choose a bigger size if you are uncertain as it is easier to alter something when it is too big than too small.

THANK YOU for your PATIENCE with us.

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