What is Skoonfamilie?

Hello There

It is a new year with new potential, ideas, inspiration and Skoonma will not only be launching amazing products… we’ll be launching amazing initiatives.

2018 has been amazing, as well as humbling, BECAUSE of YOUR support!

One of the initiatives we’ve launched is our Skoonfamilie

At the end of every month, the Top10 spenders of the previous month will become part of our Skoonfamilie for the following month.

There are a few perks that comes with begin part of our Skoonfamilie:

  • You’ll be able to purchase items before anyone else (thus missing the big launch rush)
  • Exclusive access to certain products.
  • Access to Skoonma events.
  • Know what’s happening at Skoonma before anyone else.

Become a permanent Skoonfamilie member

Our Skoonfamilie initiative runs from month-to-month…


If you happen to be part of our Skoonfamilie for 5 months in a calendar year (January-December), you’ll become an honorary Skoonfamilie member.

With “honorary”, we mean permanent and for as long as Skoonma exists, you’ll have all the perks.

Thank you or the immense support.

We truly appreciate it.

Happy shopping


Leandie, The Skoondogter

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